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7 Natural Home Remedies For Children’s Cough

Home Remedies For Baby Cough
Home Remedies For Baby Cough

A cough is one of the most common conditions worldwide.

This can also be called as “Tussis” — an involuntary and voluntary act of clearing the nasal passages, airway, and throat.

As a matter of fact, the act of coughing is a healthy and essential way for helping protect the throat and chest airways from any foreign particles, microbes, irritants, and especially mucus.

Coughing may sound awful at times, but it isn’t usually a cause for panic. However, in some cases, a cough can still be caused by an underlying condition.

A cough is most especially viral at times and is used to spread to new hosts. There are wide arrays for potential causes of coughs; Some coughs only happen at night, while others are caused due to a virus.

A cough especially in children, is a very common occurrence. Since children love to play with other children in close contact, most of the time, diseases easily get passed on to other children.

Young children usually have 6 to 12 respiratory tract infections per year which are usually caused by viruses. In addition to that, a cough in children is usually a sign that your child is trying to eliminate an irritants. Common causes for children’s cough include:


An infection includes a cold, flu, and croup which can all lead to a cough in kids. These viruses can range from a mild to severe cough.

These viruses are not recommended to be treated with antibiotics especially for children.

Acid Reflux

This usually includes symptoms such as a cough, vomiting, bad taste in the mouth, and a burning sensation in the chest (heartburn).

The treatment for acid reflux depends on the child’s age and health condition.


This is usually tough to diagnose because it can happen early or later on. Asthma symptoms in children vary from child to child.

One of the most common symptoms of asthma is a wheezing cough which gets worse at night. This may also happen during increased physical activity or during playtime.


An allergy such as sinusitis can cause coughs along with an itchy throat, runny nose, watery eyes, sore throat, or rash.

Consult with your doctor about allergy skin tests in order to find out which allergens are causing the problem.

Whooping Cough

A whooping cough also called pertussis is defined as a back-to-back cough followed by a whooping sound.

It also includes symptoms such as sneezing, runny nose, and a low fever. A whooping cough is contagious, but can be prevented through a vaccine.


This is one of the most common causes for a cough. Being exposed to various environmental irritants can cause inflammation in the throat making it susceptible to a dry cough. The common irritants that can cause a cough are:

  • Cigarette smoke

  • Car exhaust

  • Air pollution

  • Dust

  • Mold

  • Air that’s too cold or dry

If your child is frequently exposed to an irritant, the dry cough may become chronic. Your child may be more susceptible to irritation if they also have allergies or asthma.

As for children’s coughs, it is not recommended to treat it through antibiotics or medication especially for younger children. Thus, natural remedies for children’s cough are the best go-to treatment for children’s cough.

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Natural Cough Remedies For Kids
Natural Cough Remedies For Kids

This is an effective way to clear and moisten the child’s airways. If you live in an apartment with only one or two windows, it creates a very dry environment for your child.

Remember that dry air can make a child’s cough symptoms worse.

Whenever a child, especially a toddler, contracts a cough, pediatricians usually recommend using a humidifier at home to add some humidity in the room as well as moisten the nasal passage and airways.


Home Remedies For Cough For Kids
Home Remedies For Cough For Kids

Since antibiotics and cold medicines aren’t recommended for children, the use of honey is a natural way to give your child a natural vitamin.

As a matter of fact, honey has been said to treat nighttime coughing better than over-the-counter medication.

Give a tablespoon of pure honey to your child before bedtime. Honey is a great remedy for combatting a cough, but should only be fed to children over the age of 1.

Drink Warm Fluids

Natural Cough Medicine For Kids
Natural Cough Medicine For Kids

Your child must practice drinking plenty of fluids a day because this is a simple yet great way to avoid a cough and a cold.

Warm liquids such as broth, hot decaffeinated tea, or warm water with a slice of lemon can help loosen up mucus in the nasal passage and calm a sore throat.

Inhale Warm Water Vapor

Letting your child breathe in water vapor from a warm bath or shower is a convenient way to help loosen up mucus and at the same time, help calm your child.

Icy Treats

If you think about icy treats, you might be hesitant to give your child some. Icy treats include a popsicle or ice cream.

However, there should be an exception when your child has a cough because this can help reduce throat pain caused by coughs.


A saline solution is used as a nasal spray or mist. This is one of the most popular remedies for children’s cough because it is effective in loosening and removing the mucus in the nose.

For younger children, you can use a suction bulb to extract the mucus.

Make Your Child Sleep Or Have Some Rest

Natural Remedies For Child Cough
Natural Remedies For Child Cough

While children can’t always depend on medication especially during a cough, it is essential to encourage your child to get plenty of sleep or rest to promote healing.

As stated above, cold medicine is already not considered to be a treatment for children’s cough. Thus, many parents have sworn to their own home remedies.

When children contract viral infections, their bodies react immediately and cause several symptoms that vary depending on the child’s health condition, especially in children younger than six, they are usually the most susceptible and weak ones for combating viral infections.

So always remember to better create prevention rather than treatment as it may become a chronic condition when neglected.


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