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3 Effective Remedies For Voice Loss

The main cause of a voice loss is the inflammation of the larynx, more commonly known as the voice box. Not only does the infection causes a loss of voice, it can also lead to painful coughing and difficulty in breathing.

So, what causes the inflammation of the voice box? Inflammation will occur when your body is having a viral infection, such as a common cold or flu, or if it is overused (shouting, loud singing). This will result in the larynx to be swollen, altering the way that air transverse along it and therefore changing your voice.

Alongside with the loss of voice, you might also experience fever, cough, headaches, runny nose, or fatigue. If the situation does not improve, be sure to get yourself checked by your doctor.

There are several remedies for voice loss –

1. Drink plenty of fluids

Home Remedies For Voice Loss
Home Remedies For Voice Loss

Increasing your liquid intake is the most important step to take if you ever feel unwell. In this case, fluids will ease the throat infection and increase the moisture level in it. It is advisable to consume warm tea, soup, or broth to increase the effectiveness. Caffeinated drinks (example: coffee) must be avoided at all cost to prevent dehydration.

2. Take medications

Home Remedies For Losing Your Voice
Home Remedies For Losing Your Voice

If your voice loss is caused by an infection, antibiotics will be prescribed to you to kill or slow down the growth of infection. For severe cases, or if you are someone who uses your voice to work, corticosteroids might be prescribed instead.

Lozenges can also help in this case. By sucking on lozenges, it will increase the saliva production and moisture in your throat, reduce coughing and speed up the healing process. Honey lozenges is recommended is recommended as honey contains anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

3. Improve your environment/lifestyle

Remedies For Losing Your Voice
Remedies For Losing Your Voice

Humidifiers can increase the moisture level in the air. If you have a humidifier, it would be best to use this now. During your sleep, you will produce a lesser amount of saliva and bacteria will be built up inside your mouth. With a humidifier, your mouth and throat will feel less dry after you have woken up. This will improve your voice-less situation.

Smoking should be avoided if possible if you are currently experiencing a loss of voice. The nicotine in cigarettes will cause irritation to the vocal cord and several voice disorders. If you are unable to do away with not smoking, you can try replacing it with gums or another action that can distract you from wanting to smoke.

You should not take care of your throat only when you are experiencing a voice loss; it is crucial to consume enough fluid and avoid nicotine when possible. In most cases, the loss of voice is only a temporary situation. If the symptom persists for more than two to three weeks, you should make a trip to the doctors to have it checked out and get proper medication.

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