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Why Hydration Is So Important To Our Health

What is your hydration habits?

I am excited to share with you one of the most important daily practices that can really uplevel your health. This is especially true if you struggle with anything like headaches or body pain, overeating, or even feeling stressed out or low energy.

And what I want to share with you, is so easy to access, and something you should be doing every day, many times a day. That something is hydration - drinking enough water during the day to fuel your body!

Water is life, literally. We can’t live long without it and here’s the thing, we are a lot like our home, planet earth - which is 70% water.

We have the same percentage as well! Just step outside and notice how nourishing the rain that falls from the sky is to the land, and how beautiful and clear a river that is flowing is when there is good water flow, and even what both of those can look and feel like when a garden or landscape is too dry, the roots can’t pull up the minerals with dry roots, and you can see the dehydration on the leaves.

Or if a river or stream is doesn’t have enough waterflow, it gets dirty and stagnant and its harder to clear out debris. This is the same for us.

We literally have water flowing throughout our whole body, like blood, and lymph and the waters in our own body are how nutrients flow to every tissue and cell, which is our blood flow.

And our immune system also flows through our waterways by traveling through the lymphatic system, and this system helps to keep us healthy and clear out toxins, bacteria and viruses.

So the question is, do you drink enough water, to truly fuel your body's natural processes or keeping things clean and flowing, to also allow enough water volume, like a beautiful river, to keep flowing so all the cells and tissues in your body are properly hydrated like a healthy garden with enough water!

When it comes to hydration I have 3 essential tips for you!

  1. Start your day with a glass of room temperature or warm to hot water to give your body what it needs to start your day. Think about it, you just woke up, your body has been still, and starting your day with warm water will get your blood flowing, and when the water is not cold, it can flow even better. I love to add a little lemon to my water to support my digestive tract too!

  2. Number 2, Drink the majority of your water between meals, not with them. When you eat a meal, your food is literally cooked by your digestive tract - proper chewing is really important and the stomach is like a pot that cooks your food. Your stomach’s pot makes a lot of acids and enzymes, and too much water with a meal can dilute those critical digestive juices, leaving your digestion weak and could contribute to poor digestion. So, I recommend drinking the majority of your water between meals and not with them!

  3. And the third tip I want to give you, and this is for you even if you're home a lot, is to use a water bottle. When I ask a client if they drink enough water, it's usually the peo;le who say, yes, I use a water bottle and it’s always by my side. That’s when I know that they’re body is used to being hydrated and they probably feel thirsty too. So having a water bottle that becomes your constant companion is a great way to start the process and drink enough water. Plus it's reusable and easy to take along with you in the car, or anywhere you go. I even travel with mine so I stay in the same routine with my hydration like I do at home.

Ok, those are my 3 hydration tips for you today! I would love to hear any of yours, and any hydration questions you may have! Thanks for watching, and being a part of this community and I’ll see you soon!



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Having served clients for over a decade as a Board Certified Holistic Nutrition Consultant and Ayurvedic Practitioner, Mary Sheila Gonnella teaches people how to honor their unique physiology, move self-care to the front burner, and achieve and maintain radiant health.  Mary Sheila’s wealth of knowledge has led her to be included as a featured speaker and teacher on various online summits and stages around the San Francisco Bay Area. Mary Sheila is excited to be a part of BioYouth Labs, where she is able to keep sharing the good word of nutrition and supporting people with quality supplements that can support the healing journey.

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