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Why Natural Remedies?


What do you do when you feel sick? Get a prescription? Well, visiting your doctor or going to the pharmacy is not always the best thing to do for your condition. There are more options when treating and alleviating the symptoms you encounter, and these are natural remedies. Natural remedies simply mean the use of natural ingredients to treat and alleviate certain diseases and infections.

These natural remedies have been used for thousands of centuries around the world. This goes way back during the height of folk medicine in China and other asian countries. Due to the lack of  knowledge and materials back then, people, especially witch doctors, midwives, and native healers, have embraced the belief of plants as sacred living things that hold a spirit.

This tradition of using plants as medicine can still be seen in native healers from the provinces. Your grandmother can even be an example of a native healer. She might have made you a natural concoction once in your life whenever you got sick.


The invention of these natural remedies have made a great impact on the lives of people living in the most rural places on earth. Not only does it help in treating their minor diseases, but it can also lead them to a healthier lifestyle, which is free of diseases. In addition, the majority of the natural remedies we use today are based on natural herbs, plants, and other ingredients.


And let’s not forget how inexpensive it is to make, since you can find it in your own household or even your backyard. This has a great difference from your usual synthetic or prescription drugs. You might say, “I’d rather take prescription drugs than make these natural concoctions,” because it takes more time to take effect. 


You have to know that the majority of these synthetic drugs include substances and compounds that can harm the body. It’s true; there are risks in using natural remedies, but it is found that you take more risks by taking prescription drugs. The ingredients and components found in synthetic drugs are much more potent, which can give you the worst side effects.


Synthetic drugs have already been a cause for drug abuse and addiction, yet the majority of people still prefer taking it. When you do get a bottle of prescription drugs, try to look at the label and ingredients, do you see what it contains? Or can you even understand what is inside? Not really. Unfortunately, the cost of pharmaceutical prescription drugs increases every year as stated by experts.


A study found that legal prescription drugs have killed more hospitalized patients annually. Although deaths from herbal medicine are ten times much lesser than the number of deaths annually from prescription drugs. Thanks to natural remedies, you won’t have a problem both money and health wise. 


Herbs and spices are the most essential ingredient for the best remedy. The Chinese tradition has principles explaining that each plant has their own significant benefits. And that each disease can be treated by these natural resources. Some herbs and spices that are commonly used in natural remedies include:



    * contains Gingerol — has powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects. It is the main component responsible for its medicinal properties

    * relieves nausea and vomiting after surgery, and in cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy

    * helps reduce muscle pain and soreness

    * reduces blood sugar levels, beneficial for diabetic patients

    * helps prevent having infections

    * reduces symptoms of Osteoarthritis



    * reduces blood sugar levels

    * reduces total cholesterol and low density lipoprotein that causes heart diseases

    * reduces high blood pressure

    * reduces the risk of developing prostate cancer



    * reduces inflammatory markers and oxidative stress.l

    * strengthens the immune system

    * helps fight fatigue



    * reduces inflammation from cancer, arthritis, irritable bowel disease, heart disease, and stroke

    * helps promote blood flow in the body

    * may enhance brain function



    * reduces flu symptoms

    * reduces high blood pressure

    * balances blood sugar levels

    * contributes healthy cell growth

    * reduces inflammation-related conditions



    * contains powerful antioxidants that help reduce the risk of having heart attacks, stroke, or some type of cancers

    * great alternative for sugar to reduce heart diseases from type 2 diabetes

    * lowers bad cholesterol, while increasing good cholesterol

    * reduces blood clot formation

    * helps improve blood flow

    * good and natural cough suppressant



    * helps treat pain from inflammation

    * boosts brain hormone levels

    * helps prevent the development of cancer

    * may improve the pathological process of Alzheimer’s disease


People who are using natural remedies instead of prescription drugs are more likely to follow a healthy lifestyle. Take note, to avoid certain diseases, it really is important to stay healthy along with regular exercise. Let’s be clear, using natural remedies doesn’t mean that you can heal quickly. By implementing more elements of healthy living, you will definitely accelerate the healing process.


So, in case you are sick and weary of using prescription drugs for a long time because they are expensive and can lead to side effects, you could try and consider using natural remedies. And if you ask, do natural remedies work? Well, sometimes yes, and sometimes no because the effectiveness depends on the person and the health condition.


Try asking your old folks, as far as they know, natural remedies have been an advantage in keeping them alive and healthy. In short, herbs and spices are naturally an excellent source of health benefits that you can try at home. 


Some herbs can make you feel better and healthier. But you still need to be wise in choosing the perfect remedy for you. Generally, using natural remedies is the easiest and cheapest way to treat your condition. But before trying one; look closely and research about the effects and benefits, most especially, the pros and cons.


It is very important that you do not self-diagnose any health conditions. And any medication (natural or synthetic) should be taken under the supervision of a knowledgeable professional.

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