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Certified Nutrition Consultant


Having served clients for over a decade as a Board Certified Holistic Nutrition

Consultant and Ayurvedic Practitioner, Mary Sheila Gonnella teaches clients

how to honor their unique physiology, move self-care to the front burner, and

achieve and maintain radiant health.


Mary Sheila’s classes and public talks fill up with students who keep coming

back for more “Your breadth of understanding and your enthusiasm to share

this knowledge, is so palpable. I learn many things from you every time!”

Andrew Goldstein, MS


Mary Sheila’s students at Bauman College Holistic Nutrition and Culinary Arts,

where she taught for 7 years, saying she is “One of Bauman's greatest assets. She

is brilliant and communicates her brilliance well. I am in awe of her knowledge

level. She was a Godsend and a wealth of knowledge.” Jill Brogan, NC


In addition Mary Sheila’s private practice, Occidental Nutrition, where she has been awarded best Nutritionist in the San Francisco North Bay for two years in a row, Mary Sheila

consults and teaches classes through doctor referrals in a clinical medical

setting. Her approach has helped people have complete health

transformations. “My husband has been able to cut out nearly all his

medications, as well as his sleep apnea machine, and both of us have greatly

improved our sleep, and collectively we have lost 250 pounds. We can’t thank

Mary Sheila enough for her knowledge, energy, dedication and wonderful

sense of humor.” Nancy Palandati, CA


One of Mary Sheila’s favorite ways to connect, is by rolling up

her sleeves, putting on an apron, and teaching cooking classes, reconnecting

people to their ability to create delicious healing food in their own kitchen.


Mary Sheila’s wealth of knowledge has led her to be included as

a featured speaker and teacher on various online summits and stages around

the San Francisco Bay Area.


Mary Sheila is excited to be a part of BioYouth Labs, where she is able to keep sharing the good word of nutrition and supporting people with quality supplements that can support the healing journey.

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Mary Sheila

Holistic Nutritionist 

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