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7 Natural Remedies For Stomach Pain

Home Remedies For Stomach Pain
Home Remedies For Stomach Pain

Stomach pain or abdominal pain is a condition wherein there is a recurrent pain between the chest and pelvic areas.

The abdomen is an area that is bounded by the lower margin of the ribs and diaphragm above, the pelvic bone below, and the flanks on each side.

This can feel achy, dull, sharp, or cramping pain.

The term abdominal pain is generally used to describe discomfort originating from organs within the abdominal cavity.

The major organs located in the abdomen includes the appendix, liver, pancreas, small and large intestines, spleen, kidneys, and stomach. Stomach pain can cause several conditions.

Some of the main causes of stomach pain are abnormal growth, inflammation, obstruction, infection, and intestinal disorders.

One example is abdominal cramping from menstruation which causes lower abdominal and pelvic pain.

When you eat something bad, you might feel cramping and aching afterwards, and it’ll make you very uncomfortable.

This is also an example for stomach pain and is one of the most common ones to happen to anybody.

Almost anyone has the possibility of getting stomach pain several times in their life. This can happen to you anytime of the day because of many factors such as food poisoning, physical activities, flu, migraine, appendicitis, stress, depression, and even through alcohol abuse.

These are all possible causes for stomach pain and there’s actually more that isn’t mentioned.

Generally, this condition can affect your daily routine and prevent you from doing certain things.

The severe pain and unpleasant feeling from stomach pain, causes absences in school or in their work.

The types, causes, and symptoms of stomach pain can be interchangeable because of its complexity, and it can be either way.

Other common causes of abdominal pain include:

  • Constipation

  • Diarrhea

  • Gastroenteritis

  • Acid reflux

  • Vomiting

  • Stress

Diseases that affect the digestive system can also cause chronic abdominal pain, such as:

  • Gastroesophageal reflux disease

  • Irritable bowel syndrome or spastic colon

  • Crohn’s disease

  • Lactose intolerance

Causes of severe abdominal pain include:

  • Organ rupture or near-rupture

  • Gallbladder stones

  • Kidney stones

  • Kidney infection

Constipation - This condition is most common in women and occurs when pressure builds up in the colon and small intestine.

This results in bowel movements that are hard to pass and you only pass stools less than three times a week, which isn’t normal and healthy for your body.

Constipation will make you feel bloated and full. Most treatments for these conditions are increasing fiber intake, frequent drinking of water, and exercise.

Some people may also use laxatives or stool softeners to help you pass stools regularly. If ever you experience severe symptoms such as blood in your stool, it is recommended to meet with your doctor.

Appendicitis - This condition creates a severely painful sensation in the abdomen specifically in the appendix, and is unmanageable.

The appendix is an organ attached to your large intestine and helps fight off infections.

This condition occurs when there is blockage in the appendix, making it swollen and sore.

The swollenness and soreness of your appendix will then result in bursting, and can be fatal. People who have experienced this, described the pain as a very uncomfortable and painful feeling around their belly buttons which makes it hard for them to walk and do various activities.

So if ever you think you’re experiencing appendicitis, go to the ER right away.

Indigestion - This condition is mainly caused by lifestyle and eating habits.

Eating certain foods and eating it too fast causes indigestion.

Additionally, if you smoke, drink alcohol, or are always over fatigued, you may also experience indigestion.

This creates pain, bloating, gas, or a burning sensation. So the best solution to avoid indigestion is through eating your food properly.

Food Poisoning - Keeping track of what you’re eating is very significant especially when you’re eating out.

This condition is mainly caused by eating food that is bad. Usual symptoms of food poisoning are vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, and abdominal pain.

Don’t worry too much because this condition can easily be treated at home.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome - This causes symptoms like gas, bloating, constipation, and cramping. If you frequently experience stomach aches, then it’s probably IBS.

This can be very uncomfortable and annoying. That’s why people came up with natural remedies for stomach pain to put a stop on this condition.

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Natural Remedies For Stomach Pain
Natural Remedies For Stomach Pain

The use of ginger has been done during the ancient times.

It has shown to cure and alleviate many conditions.

Ginger can be a very effective treatment for kinds of stomach aches.

Its properties can help soothe stomach pains and reduce inflammation of the stomach lining. Ginger is a natural anti-inflammatory.

Ginger can be used as supplements or just natural.


Instant Relief From Stomach Pain
Instant Relief From Stomach Pain

It has been found by researchers that mint was traditionally used in India, Pakistan, and Iran, as treatment for upset stomachs like indigestion, diarrhea, and gas.

Due to its soothing mechanism, mint has been able to prevent vomiting, reduce muscle spasms in the intestines, and relieve pain.

Mint can be used as raw or cooked and are both safe for consumption.


Home Treatment For Stomach Pain
Home Treatment For Stomach Pain

This is very essential for any condition because the body needs it to easily digest and absorb nutrients from food and drinks you intake.

For those with digestive issues, it is imperative to stay hydrated.

This condition tends to make you vomit or have diarrhea, which can both lead to dehydration.

Chamomile Tea

Best Remedy For Stomach Pain
Best Remedy For Stomach Pain

Just like the other remedies stated above, this can also help alleviate stomach pain due to its anti-inflammatory properties.

This contains anti-inflammatory properties which will help the stomach muscles relax for the cramping pain and spasm.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Quick Relief From Stomach Pain
Quick Relief From Stomach Pain

The acids found in ACV help reduce starch digestion which allows the starch to keep bacteria and gut healthy.

If you don’t want it too strong, you can just mix a tablespoon of ACV with a cup of water and add a teaspoon of honey.

Heating pad

This remedy can also help alleviate symptoms of an upset stomach. You can use a hot water bottle if you don’t have a heating pad.

The warmth from the heating pad helps relax your muscles and reduce nausea.

BRAT diet

This stands for banana, rice, applesauce, and toast. This diet contains low-fiber and high binding foods that can help calm an upset stomach.

This is because none of these foods contain salt and spices. Doing a bland diet is the best food to eat when you’re feeling sick.



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