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5 Natural Remedies For Lower Back Pain

Lower Back Pain Treatment At Home
Lower Back Pain Treatment At Home

Lower back pain is one of the most common conditions in adults.

This condition is more likely to occur in individuals between the ages of 30 and 50.

This is partly caused by aging in the body.

As you age, or grow older, there will be a reduction in the fluid content between the vertebrae in the spine.

Lower back pain may also be a result of an injury, such as a muscle strain or sprain due to sudden movements or lifting objects.

Or it may also be a result of certain diseases like: sciatica, arthritis, cancer of the spinal cord, kidney infections, or a herniated disc.

Lower back pain may either last for only a few days to a few weeks, which is called an acute back pain.

A chronic back pain on the other hand, has pain that lasts longer than three months.

According to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, lower back pain is one of the most common causes of job-related conditions.

There are about 80 percent of Americans that will experience lower back pain in their lifetime.

The low back or also called the “lumbar area,” is responsible for a number of important bodily functions.

These functions are structural support, protection of certain body tissues, and movement.

Standing up requires the lower back to support the weight of the upper body. Bending, extending, or rotating your waist all requires the presence of the lower back pain.

Lower back pain can be incorporated by a wide variety of symptoms which can be mild, and a little irritating or it can be severe and debilitating pain.

This condition may suddenly start or may happen slowly. This comes and goes but gradually worsens over time.

Symptoms for lower back pain usually depends on the underlying causes of the pain, such as:

  • Dull or aching pain in the lower back.

  • A stinging and burning pain that travels from the lower back to the back of the thighs. Sometimes, this can also travel to the lower legs or feet with accompanied symptoms such as numbness or tingling (sciatica).

  • Pain that worsens when sitting or standing for long periods of time.

  • Muscle spasms and tightness in the low back as well as the back hips, and pelvis.

As previously said, low back pains are caused by numerous factors depending on the underlying condition and symptoms. The causes for lower back pain include:

Strains - This occurs when the muscle and ligaments in the back stretches or tears due to excessive physical activities. Its symptoms mostly include pain and stiffness in the lower back.

Disc Injury - Discs in your back are actually prone to injuries and can be triggered by aging, or even obesity. Your outer discs when injured, can tear or herniate.

Sciatica - This can occur with a herniated disc which presses on the sciatic nerve. The sciatic nerve connects the spine to your legs.

Spinal Stenosis - This occurs when the spinal column narrows, which will create pressure on the spinal cord and spinal nerves.

Abdominal Spine Curvatures - This on the other hand, include conditions such as scoliosis, kyphosis, and lordosis which are conditions caused by curvature.

The abnormal curvature causes pain because it creates pressure on the tendons, muscles, ligaments, and vertebrae.

In milder symptoms, it may be treated by natural remedies for lower back pain, including:

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Home Remedies For Lower Back Pain
Home Remedies For Lower Back Pain

Turmeric - This popular spice has been used to relieve numerous types of pain like heartburn and arthritis pain.

This also helps reduce inflammation because of the chemical in turmeric called curcumin which contains anti-inflammatory properties.

You may also try consuming turmeric with milk. Turmeric milk is also one of the most popular natural remedies from India in treating pain and inflammation.

Just simply mix half a teaspoon of turmeric powder in a glass of milk. You may add honey or stevia to the turmeric milk for adding flavor. This remedy may be done before bedtime.

Capsaicin - This is a chemical found in hot chili peppers and is known to be useful in relieving pain. You can consume capsaicin by eating foods with hot chili peppers or drink tea containing capsaicin.

Home Remedy For Backache
Home Remedy For Backache

Ginger - This popular natural remedy has been used for treating several conditions with many varieties. One of which is pain and inflammation.

Ginger contains anti-inflammatory properties which are beneficial in treating back pain. This remedy can he done through drinking it as a tea, cooking with ginger, or drinking powdered ginger.

Natural Remedies For Lower Back Pain
Natural Remedies For Lower Back Pain

Feverfew - This has also been used for centuries in treating conditions with pain such as headaches, stomachaches, and toothaches which are all very painful.

This herb may be worth trying for since there aren’t any reported negative side effects upon consumption.

Hot And Cold Compress - Ice packs are simple yet effective ways in reducing pain and inflammation temporarily.

Cold provides a numbing effect for sudden intense back pain. This is also safe to use without any side effects.

In using ice as a cold compress, make sure to wrap the ics with a cloth to protect the skin from frostbite.

A hot compress or heating pad, can also relieve muscle aches as long as the temperature isn’t too hot but more relaxing.

This will help relax the muscles as well as pain in the back. However, if a heating pad is unavailable, a person can use a hot water bottle or heat a cloth bag of uncooked rice in the microwave.

Regular Exercise

Best Remedy For Low Back Pain
Best Remedy For Low Back Pain

This challenging yet very effective remedy is one of the most important things you need to add to your routines if you are already experiencing lower back pain.

Exercising regularly is a big step in avoiding and preventing lower back pain from happening.

As exercising starts with warm-ups, the stretches are also beneficial as the main exercise because it will help loosen tense muscles and release endorphins — the brain's natural painkillers.

This may be challenging, but it is already proven and tested how beneficial it is for our overall health thus, as much as possible, try taking short walks, yoga, water exercises, or other lower-impact activities to help alleviate your back pain naturally.



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