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11 Natural Home Remedies for Sunburn

Home Remedies For Sunburn
Home Remedies For Sunburn

A sunburn is a red, swollen, and painful condition on the skin that usually appears several hours after you stay too long on the sun. It is simply caused by too much exposure to ultraviolet light from the sun.

This happens when you frequently go out and stay out long in the sun without sunblock or any protection. It increases the chance of skin damage and other skin conditions much more serious than a sunburn. Sunburn is a big factor for skin cancer.

Sunburn can happen on any part of the body as long as it is exposed to the sun. The most usual part that you can get a sunburn is in your forehead, shoulders, forearm, legs, and neck area. Effects of sunburn on the skin may include: dark spots, rough spots, wrinkled skin, and skin cancer.

You can see sunburn mostly on people who love to suntan on the beach. You might even notice the ones who love to suntan or go to the beach have a more wrinkled skin than others at their age. A sunburn will start as a very reddish color and will gradually change to a brownish or darkish color.

Then the skim will start to heal itself by peeling the sunburnt skin. After peeling happens, you will start to see a more smooth but irregular skin tone. Melanin is the dark pigment in the outer layer of skin that gives your skin its color.

Through exposing your skin to UV light, your body will automatically protect itself by producing more melanin that’s why it’s normal to get darker after going out in the sun.

People with fair or freckled skin, blond or red hair, and blue eyes usually get sunburns easily. Your age is also a big factor in how the skin reacts with UV light. The skin of children younger than 6 and adults older than 60 are more sensitive to sunlight.

Skin that is red and painful with blisters may mean that deep skin layers and nerve endings have been damaged (second-degree burn). This type of sunburn is usually more painful and takes longer to heal.

Simply just by going out at a certain time may cause you to get a sunburn. In the Philippines the most crucial time for UV light damage is usually at 9am until 3pm in the afternoon. That explains why the majority of Filipinos that use public transportation everyday, usually use sunblock or bring umbrellas.

It is the most common accessory with countries near to the equator because of the intense UV light within those hours. You might probably know that countries near the equator are more prone to hot weather climates and UV light exposure.

But one important fact is that UV light radiation is present even on cloudy or gloomy days as long as there’s sunlight. Unfortunately, if you do have a bad sunburn may take several days or weeks to heal.

Additionally, sunburn causes a very itchy and irritating feeling. If you happen to accidentally scratch your sunburn, you might feel a painful and stingy sensation. Good for you, there are many natural remedies to treat those irritating and painful sunburns!


What do you do when something heats up? You let it cool down. In the case of sunburns, a cold compress is a good solution for pain relief. A cold compress can help soothe the sunburnt area and absorb heat.

You can place a cool compress on sunburned skin for immediate sunburn pain relief. This simple remedy can help soothe symptoms of sunburn. If ever you don’t have a cold compress, you can use a towel wrapped around an ice tube.


Loss of moisture or water in the body can result in more dry and brittle skin that can easily be a factor for sunburn. Having your skin exposed without protection and moisture is a bad combination. This can lead to dehydration, fatigue, nausea, and heatstroke.

Drinking enough water is a big step in avoiding a sunburn. Keeping your body hydrated is an advantage to keep skin healthy and moisturized.


If you take a hot shower after getting sunburnt, it can worsen your sunburn. Instead, take a cold bath to relieve sunburn pain. Dill up the bathtub with cold water and add enough baking soda and mix it with the bath water. Baking soda is said that it can balance your pH and alkaline levels. Since baking soda can dry your skin, just dip in the bath for only 15 minutes or less.


Remedies For Sunburn
Remedies For Sunburn

This is the most popular remedy and or ingredient for treating sun burns. It is already tested and proven that it can reduce sunburn symptoms and other skin conditions. As well as, speed the healing process and moisturize the skin.

There are already a lot of aloe vera products in stores, but if you want to make it naturally, just simply get an aloe vera leaf and cut it open. Directly apply the aloe vera gel on the affected area and repeat as needed. This is a great way to treat and soothe sunburns because it is a gentle and moisturizing ingredient.


Best Remedy For Sunburn
Best Remedy For Sunburn

This is the most popular ingredient for natural remedies because it contains antibacterial, and antioxidant properties.

Directly apply honey on the affected area but do not apply it on kids 12 months or younger because it could put them at risk for developing infant botulism.


Best Home Remedy For Sunburn
Best Home Remedy For Sunburn

Since apple cider vinegar is known to have antimicrobial, antiseptic, and antifungal properties, it can help prevent infection on damaged skin. The malic acid found in apple cider that helps speed up the healing process.

Additionally, apple cider can balance the skin’s pH levels which will help reduce peeling and blisters from happening. But if you don’t have apple cider vinegar at home, you can try a bottle of white vinegar, as this variety has been known to soothe the symptoms of sunburn as well.


Natural Remedies For Sunburn
Natural Remedies For Sunburn

This breakfast meal can actually be an effective natural remedy for sunburn. It has been known for centuries to have great effects on skin. You can see oatmeal mostly used in lotions and moisturizers.

Oats can help reduce inflammation and treat some skin conditions. This ingredient is even used in baby lotions as well as eczema.

Allow the oatmeal to cool completely, then carefully apply it to the skin. Don’t rub it into the skin; because oatmeal can be rough which is not a good idea for skin that’s sun-damaged and sensitive to touch.


This is a liquid extract from the witch hazel plant and contains anti-inflammatory properties. It is good for improving the healing process as well as fighting free radicals. Apply witch hazel directly on the sunburn to soothe the pain and itching.


It is an essential oil that contains antifungal, antibacterial, and many more beneficial properties that can help soothe a painful sunburn. Just apply an ample amount of lavender oil on the affected area.


This essential oil can be used to reduce inflammation and give a cooling effect. This oil is also capable of removing germs that might otherwise cause infection. In addition, turmeric has anti-inflammatory and healing properties. Mix equal amounts of sandalwood and turmeric with rose water and apply this cooling mixture to your sunburn.


Homemade Remedies For Sunburn
Homemade Remedies For Sunburn

This essential oil can provide a numbing effect, with mentholated properties offering a soothing effect. This oil also offers antibacterial properties to prevent infection. Which is perfect for treating a sunburn. You can also see this ingredient in massage oils or in witch doctors that use it for a tummy ache, headache, and many more.

Well, as you can see there are a lot of natural remedies for treating your sunburn. But what’s important is not having to go to the extent of a sunburn. You can simply go out, bring an umbrella, use sun block, etc. Because prevention is better than treatment.

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