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6 Surprising Home Remedies for Sunburn

Home Remedies For Sunburn
Home Remedies For Sunburn

BURN! No, not because you are daydreaming about relaxing on a beach sipping Pine-Coladas while your boss just canceled the weekend leave, but because while there is a fifty-fifty chance that your dream might come true, there is a hundred percent chance that you are going to end up with a sunburn this summer (Thanks to global warming).

It feels so innocent to just go out for some air on a sunny summer afternoon but, unfortunately, it can only just take ten minutes for you to have painful, blistered, red, and peeling skin. Days with a UV Index of 7 to 10 demands a sunscreen with a minimum of 45 SPF, a hat, or sunglasses for protection against the scorching heat of our dear friend, Sun.

Scientists are still finding the answer to why does a person gets sunburned when it is least expected and when they have plans for the next week. While those scientists can spend their time finding answers to the mysteries of the universe, all we can do is prepare ourselves for the aftermath.


As oddly soothing as it sounds, this trick works wonders. The menthol is the secret behind this life-saver which makes it quicker to evaporate, thus taking the unpleasant gift from Sun with it into the air. The best thing about this remedy is that shaving cream is easily available and the application is hassle-free.


It is no secret that ice is practically the answer to almost every skin-related issue. This simple cube may seem small and melting but works wonders when it comes to sunburns and redness. Dip yourself in a tub of ice or simply take some cubes and rub them all over the burnt area and you will feel the skin-soothing away.


Remedies For Sunburn
Remedies For Sunburn

While potatoes have a diverse range of specialties, treating sunburns is one of them.

A potato slice can be directly applied to sunburnt skin. If the burn is fresh, it is better to use refrigerated potato pulp for quicker results.


Best Remedy For Sunburn
Best Remedy For Sunburn

Honey is a Holy Grail ingredient which must be available in every kitchen.

It has miraculous healing properties. Some proclaimed experts even believe that it is quicker than antibiotic creams in reducing infections and minimizing pain.


Natural Remedies For Sunburn
Natural Remedies For Sunburn

Ground oatmeal is an anti-inflammatory ingredient that brings back the memory of grandmas midnight snack.

It can be used to treat sunburns by just mixing it you’re your bathwater and soaking yourself for as long as you want in it.

Remember to stock some of these ingredients this summer in case your dream of swimming like a mermaid on the beach turns you into a red lobster. These remedies work like a dream for many but it must be kept in mind that every skin reacts differently A patch-test is necessary before trying out any product or remedy to ensure no further harm.

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