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16 Natural Home Remedies for Nausea

Home Remedies For Nausea
Home Remedies For Nausea

Feeling dizzy like you want to vomit? that is actually a pretty common thing to happen. Nausea is the sensation or feeling of an urge to vomit.

Although you can experience prolonged nausea without even vomiting. People who experience nausea may have a queasy feeling that might be uncomfortable or sometimes agonizing.

This condition doesn’t create pain, but rather an uncomfortable feeling in your head. This can be associated with a headache, diarrhea, gas, vomiting, dizziness, fever, lightheadedness, and abdominal pain.

Nausea may be caused by several factors like gastrointestinal tract problems and problems in the brain.

In some cases other causes include pregnancy, side effects from medication, motion sickness, sea sickness, alcohol abuse, viral infection, and diseases from several organs.

The diagnosis of nausea is actually complex and difficult to determine. Nausea mostly occurs as a symptom for infections and diseases.

This condition is pretty common to happen at any age, especially in older people. The dizziness and lightheadedness you feel when you’re in a crowded place is nausea.

The time you felt like vomiting during a boat trip is also nausea. You have probably experienced nausea several times in your lifetime.

This is because there are many factors that can cause it, therefore, making it inevitable. Nausea can stem from a variety of causes. Some people are sensitive to certain foods, medications, motion, or medical conditions.

All these things can cause nausea. Common causes of nausea are described below.


The use of medications with strong side effects like chemotherapy can upset the stomach and cause nausea. Nause is also linked to digestion. Your body’s ability to absorb medications may decrease as you get older which causes irritation. Consuming medication can cause especially when you’re taking several medications at one time.

This can cause a disturbance in the stomach from the inactive ingredients in a tablet.

Heartburn Or GERD

Heartburn and gastroesophageal reflux disease causes stomach acid to move back up to the esophagus. This will eventually create an uncomfortable burning sensation that causes nausea.

Infection Or Virus

Infections from bacteria can affect the stomach and cause unpleasant sensations. An example of bacteria caused nausea is food poisoning.

Motion Sickness And Seasickness

Nausea can happen from just simply going on a boat trip. The symptom of motion sickness is nausea. This usually happens because of bumpy movements.

Food Habit

The habit of overeating or eating certain trigger foods, can upset the stomach and cause nausea. This is also the same in the case of eating foods you’re allergic to.


This condition creates ulcers or sores in the stomach. Having stomach ulcer causes a burning sensation in the stomach which can contribute to nausea.

To prevent and reduce your chance of getting nauseous, here are natural remedies for nausea that’ll help you get rid of it without taking medication.

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Natural Remedies For Nausea
Natural Remedies For Nausea

This plant has been traditionally used as a remedy for many years already. Both its leaves and oil are helpful in treating indigestion, and nausea. A study has found that those exposed to peppermint scent had a lower chance to get nausea than those given anti-nausea medications.


Natural Nausea Relief
Natural Nausea Relief

This is a very popular remedy to treat nausea and has been used traditionally for many years. Consuming ginger alleviates symptoms of nausea.

Ginger use is safe for most people. However, you may need to limit your ginger intake if you’re prone to low blood pressure or low blood sugar, or if you’re taking blood thinner.


This technique is commonly used in traditional chinese medicine. This has been used to treat nausea and vomiting. This technique stimulates nerve fibers, which transmit signals to the brain and spinal cord. This is as effective as anti-nausea medications at reducing symptoms, without any bad side effects. There have been reports that acupuncture lowers the severity of nausea.


The relaxation of muscles may help relieve nausea. There has been a technique called Progressive Muscle Relaxation or PMR. This is done by making your muscles tense and relax in a continuous sequence to achieve physical and mental relaxation.

Eating Foods Rich In Vitamin B6

Best Remedy For Nausea
Best Remedy For Nausea

Studies report that vitamin B6, also known as pyridoxine, successfully reduces nausea during pregnancy. Vitamin B6 helps the body metabolise certain amino acids which will reduce nausea. You can either eat foods rich in vitamin B6 or take supplements. These include beans, beetroot, oead, bananas, cheese, and fish.


There are several spices that are popularly used as natural remedies.

Cinnamon - this is another great way to reduce nausea due to its antibacterial and antiviral properties. It contains chemicals called catechins, which are useful in treating nausea related problems such as gastro problems that cause nausea.

Cumin - this spice is well known to aid digestion and get rid of any nausea related problems specifically indigestion induced by nausea. It may also help improve symptoms such as abdominal pain, constipation, diarrhea, and abdominal pain.

Fennel - this herb helps release accumulated gas in the stomach and helps aid digestion. It reduces menstrual symptoms including nausea.


Natural Cures For Nausea
Natural Cures For Nausea

Lemons contain neutralizing acids, which helps relieve nausea. Lemon juice also stirs up saliva in the mouth, also helping relieve nausea. A slice of lemon or by scratching its peel can release the needed scent of the lemon.This can work in a similar way because it helps release the essential oil in the air.

Baking Soda

This is also now. as bicarbonate soda or sodium bicarbonate. Since baking soda is an alkaline substance, it changes the pH levels of acid it comes in contact with, even those found in your stomach. You can mix half a teaspoon of baking soda into a 4-ounce glass of water and drink.

Cold Water

One of the simplest ways to relieve a mild case of nausea is by sipping a glass of cold ice water. Ice is a powerful therapeutic aid and is good for hydration.

Taking Slow Breaths

This is also one simple way you can try if ever you have nausea. In one study, researchers attempted to determine which aromatherapy scent was most effective at reducing nausea after a surgery. They instructed the participants to breathe slowly through their nose and exhale through their mouths, while exposed to various scents. The participants have reported that it helped reduce their nausea. Breathing control along with aromatherapy can be an effective way to relieve nausea.



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