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5 Natural Home Remedies For An Ear Pain

Home Remedies For Ear Pain
Home Remedies For Ear Pain

An ear pain is a condition that mostly happens in children, however, they can also happen in adults.

This condition may either affect one or both ears, but the majority of cases only happen in one ear. The pain in ear pains is sharp or burning and it comes and goes.

It is said that young children with ear pains are more susceptible to being irritable and fussy. Having an ear pain is usually a sign for an underlying condition such as an ear infection.

Thus, ear pains are a symptom of an ear infection. There are several symptoms that arise from an ear infection which comes with an ear pain. These includes:

  • ear pain

  • A sharp stabbing pain in the ear

  • A feeling of fullness in the ear

  • Nausea

  • Muffled hearing

  • Ear drainage

These, on the other hand, are symptoms of ear pain for children:

  • Tugging at the ear

  • Poor sleep

  • Fever

  • Irritability, restlessness

  • Ear drainage

  • Diminished appetite

  • Crying at night when lying down

Ear pains come along with several symptoms and causes. An injury, infection, or irritation in the ear, may cause ear pains.

Since children are the most active and love to play outdoors, they are likely to experience the conditions above.

A child playing in the dirt may accidentally have dirt enter their ears, this can then result in an infection or irritation.

Or during their swimming class, water might enter their ears. Simply using headphones or headsets can damage your ears and hearing.

Believe it or not, simply cleaning your ears with cotton swabs or fingernails can harm your ear canal and the ear itself.

Since water enters the ear whenever you take a shower or bath, the water inside will eventually soften the skin in the ear canal, thus, can create a breeding ground for bacteria.

Another condition that is caused by an ear infection is Labyrinthitis — an inner ear disorder which is either caused by a viral or bacterial infection.

This is due to the fluid buildup behind the ear drums which can also create a breeding ground for bacteria.

Other causes of ear pains:

  • pressure changes such as when flying on a plane

  • earwax buildup caused by either using cotton swabs or entirely not cleaning your ears.

  • a foreign object in the ear

  • strep throat

  • sinus infection

  • shampoo or water trapped in the ear

  • temporomandibular joint syndrome

  • perforated eardrum

  • arthritis affecting the jaw

  • infected tooth

  • impacted tooth

  • eczema in the ear canal

  • trigeminal neuralgia (chronic facial nerve pain)

Here are less common causes of ear pains:

  • temporomandibular joint (TMJ) syndrome

  • perforated eardrum

  • arthritis affecting the jaw

  • infected tooth

  • impacted tooth

  • eczema in the ear canal

  • trigeminal neuralgia (chronic facial nerve pain)

The treatment for ear pains all depends on what the underlying causes are. If in case you have ear pains due to an ear infection, your doctor will recommend you prescription drugs such as Tylenol or Ibuprofen.

Otherwise, your doctor may advise you to use anesthetic drops to relieve pain or antibiotics for ear infections.

Additionally, medication isn’t always the answer for treating ear pains as for mild symptoms only.

There are also many natural or DIT remedies for ear pains and ear infections. One good example is a hot or cold compress for reducing pain.

As previously said, mild symptoms and cases for ear pains can be treated via at home using natural or organic ingredients. Here are natural remedies for ear pain:

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Natural Remedies For Ear Pain
Natural Remedies For Ear Pain

This household ingredient has been a popular remedy for almost everything that has helped people for centuries, such as earpains and infections.

Consuming garlic will help boost your immune system and help fight infections. This has been used for infections and tinnitus. Additionally, garlic can be used as garlic oil or the whole clove itself.

If you prefer to use garlic oil treatment, the person with the ear infection. should be lying on their side with the affected ear facing up.

Then pour two to three drops of warm garlic oil into their ear and gently place a piece of cotton over the ear’s opening just enough to block the oil.

The person getting treatment shall wait and rest for 10 to 15 minutes in the same position. On the other hand, you can soak the piece of cotton in the oil and leave it just inside the ear to let the oil seep into the ear canal.

Additionally, the person getting treatment should be lying on their side with the sore ear facing up.

Tea Tree Oil

Natural Remedies For Earache
Natural Remedies For Earache

Tea tree oil has antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, antifungal properties which makes it a good treatment for ear pains or infections.

A study conducted from 2006 has found that tea tree oil contains antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory properties.

Another study in 2014 conducted that tea tree oil may be effective in treating acne probably because of its antibacterial properties.

Thus, there is still needed evidence and research to validate it as being effective.

However, for people with sensitive skin, or in general, have to take a skin test. Just put a drop on your skin and evaluate if there are any allergic reactions.

If so, you can switch to other remedies.

Olive Oil

Ear Pain Treatment At Home
Ear Pain Treatment At Home

This popular type of cooking oil is actually a staple in mediterranean diet. This is due to the many health benefits it offers including, lowering your risk of heart disease, cancer, and other serious conditions.

It’s also been used as a traditional remedy for removing ear wax and treating ear infections.

Cold Compress

This simple remedy only requires ice and cloth. Ice gives a cooling effect. A cold compress has been known to relieve pain temporarily but it sure does its job.

Start by wrapping ice with a piece of cloth. Then apply it on your ear or under the ear for 20 minutes. This is most especially helpful in children as it only uses ice and no harsh chemicals.

Hot Compress

An electric pad or hot compress can help reduce inflammation and pain in the ear. Since heat can help with relaxation, it can also relieve pain in the ears.

Simply apply a hot compress to the ear for 20 minutes. Remember to not let the heating pad get unbearable hot as it might burn your skin.

As mentioned above, there are several remedies for ear pains and ear infections that you can try.

However, always keep in mind that if you know to yourself that you can’t use it or you have sensitive skin, might as well consult with your doctor for better treatments.

Because it might lead to more harm than treatment.



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