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Natural Remedies For Hair Growth

Home Remedies For Hair Growth
Home Remedies For Hair Growth

Your hair grows almost everywhere on your body, except for your lips, palms, and soles.

Hair is made up of multi-layered flat cells with rope-like filaments to provide structure and strength on the hair.

Your body actually has different types of hair, such as the androgenic hair and vellus hairich both vary in cellular structure.

Hair is purposely for warmth and protection. Hair contains a protein called keratin — it makes up the hair and stimulates hair growth.

A person has about 5 million hair follicles on their body, since your head has about 100,000 follicles. It is said that hair grows about half an inch per month.

However, as a person ages, their follicles will gradually stop producing hair, thus, baldness and hair thinning are most common for older adults.

Hair growth all depends on your age, hair type, overall health, and your medical history. Hair growth occurs in cycles including:

Anagen - This is also known as the “growth phase,” and this is defined as hair growing at any given time.

Catagen - Also known as “transitional phase,” is where hair growth slows down and hair follicles shrink over a few weeks.

Telogen - Also known as the “resting phase,” this is the time where hair growth stops, thus making old hair strands to detach from the hair follicle.

This is due to the new set of hair that are pushing old hair strands out of the way.

In addition to hair growth, your hair color is actually made from pigment cells which are producing melanin in the hair follicles.

However, if one does age, the pigment cells age and die, that is why gray hair is one of the results of aging.

The main causes for slow hair growth include:

Vitamin Deficiency

Vitamins are very essential in helping with our bodily functions. However, a slight deficiency can easily affect your hair growth.

While the majority of people who experience slowed hair growth aren't suffering from a major health condition, it may be not enough to help the body.

The vitamins which are most important in hair growth are iron, niacin, zinc, and vitamins A, B, and C.

In addition to that, even having just a little less vitamins in the body can already cause a slow hair growth. So, don’t panic too fast, and start by observing your hair from time to time, for you to know how to treat it.


There are certain medications or treatments that can affect hair growth rapidly. One of them is chemotherapy medications which are very commonly associated with hair loss.

This medical treatment can cause either Anagen or Telogen. Other than chemotherapy medications, there are several more medications that can slow down hair growth.

Slow hair growth can be a side effect of certain medications such as blood thinners, beta blockers, and antidepressants.

Hormonal Imbalance

This is also one of the most common causes for hair loss in women. This is because women experience more frequent hormonal changes.

Having too much or too little of certain hormones can cause hair loss.

Stress and anxiety

This is very true, as a matter of fact, when someone is under a lot of stress, they will gradually experience a number of changes that take place in the body.

Stress affects your general overall health and decreases your body’s ability to fight diseases and infections — all due to the fact that when you are stressed, you may sleep and eat less, which will significantly decrease your immune system’s effectiveness.


This is definitely hereditary, which is inevitable, but can be reduced through certain treatments and remedies.

There are some people who have shorter cycles of the anagen phase, and if you are one of those with shorter cycles, you are most likely to experience difficulty growing your hair longer.

Poor Diet

A diet which is high in fat and sugar is not beneficial for the body. Making these diets one of the reasons for several health problems.

If you have bad diets, you may experience heart disease, fatty liver, or even hair loss. Obviously, eating or having a healthy diet is one of the most effective treatments in several conditions.

So, remember to choose what you’re eating, and try a healthy diet.

Treatments for hair growth vary depending on the severity. There are several treatments which are beneficial in reducing hair loss and promoting growth. The following natural remedies for hair growth include:

Natural Remedies For Hair Growth
Natural Remedies For Hair Growth

Coconut Oil

This contains fatty acids that penetrate the hair shaft and reduce protein loss from hair. This is said to be one of the most effective remedies for natural hair growth.

This is due to the fact that coconut contains iron, potassium and essential fats.

All you need to do is massage coconut oil on your scalp and all over your hair and let it stay for 4-5 hours and thoroughly rinse.

Hair Growth Remedies
Hair Growth Remedies

Fish Oil

This contains Omega-3 fatty acids that is why fish in general are very healthy. And since Omega-3 fatty acids contain anti-inflammatory properties, it does help in opening up the hair follicles and promoting hair growth.

Additionally, Omega-3 in fish oil is a healthy fat which is greT for preventing dry and itchy scalp. You can either do this by taking fish oil supplements or massaging a few drops of fish oil on the scalp and hair.

Natural Hair Treatments For Hair Growth
Natural Hair Treatments For Hair Growth

Green Tea

This beverage is beneficial in maintaining healthy hair. This is due to the antioxidants present in green tea such as, Vitamin B — this is beneficial for hair growth and health because it helps control split ends, soften hair, and strengthen roots.

In addition to that, the caffeine present in green tea also prevents hair loss by preventing Dihydrotestosterone or DHT, which is the main cause for baldness.

You can use green tea as a rinse by boiling a green tea bag in water and letting it cool down.

After cooling down, you can now apply it on your hair for 10 minutes. You can do this remedy twice or thrice in a week for a few months.

Onion Juice

Natural Hair Growth Treatment
Natural Hair Growth Treatment

Onion juice has been shown to treat patchy alopecia because it helps promote hair growth.

This contains sulfur which will help boost collagen production in the tissue as well as, help in the new growth of hair.

Do this remedy by cutting up a few slices of onion and simply squeeze out all of its juice, you may either grate it or mash it.

Apply the juice directly on your scalp and leave it for about 10 to 15 minutes, then you can rinse it off.



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