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7 Hidden Natural Home Remedies for Hangover

Home Hangover Remedies
Home Hangover Remedies

A night out with your friends can surely bring you a severe headache the next morning. Do you know the feeling of headache, thirst, fatigue, and nausea? Yes,’ that’s a hangover for sure. Alcohol has the power to leave you feeling tired and sleepy quickly.

It interferes with your sleep cycle and triggers headaches, which lead to nausea. These symptoms are mainly caused by drinking and consuming alcohol, and to be fair, we’ve all tried and tested different remedies to cure hangovers but failed in the end.

Finding the perfect remedy for a hangover is a challenge. Most of them hardly cure the hangover, but they work brilliantly in reducing the intensity of such symptoms. Let’s take a look at some tried and tested home remedies that bring instant relief from a hangover!

Korean Pear Juice

Natural Remedies For Hangover
Natural Remedies For Hangover

This hangover remedy is the oldest one in the book! Not only is it famous in Asian countries, but it’s also a popular remedy used worldwide to help with the hangover.

Many studies have shown that by only consuming around 7 ounces of this juice, you’ve effectively lowered your blood alcohol level significantly. This makes a huge impact on your hangover. You feel better instantly. The only hidden secret is that you need to drink this before you consume alcohol.

The reason being that Korean pears have powerful enough to break down alcohol in your body quickly. So, for it to work effectively, make sure you drink it before you have a night out with your friends.


This is the most accessible and easiest hangover remedy written in the book. Alcohol is a strong dehydrator; it dehydrates your body greatly by making you sweat more and lose fluids. This is why you have a headache and a dry mouth. Drinking water before going to bed will reduce the impact of alcohol on your body. It will keep you hydrated and headache-free.


The reason you feel dizzy and shiver when you get a hangover is because of low blood sugar. You need to refuel your body with carbs to boost your energy levels. Consuming some biscuits or whole-grain crackers work amazingly in maintaining your blood sugar levels.

Pain Relievers

A pain reliever will instantly alleviate the pain caused by a headache. Acetaminophen should be avoided at all costs during a hangover when you have a hangover. It will only worsen the impact of alcohol. Aspirin and ibuprofen make you nauseous as they irritate your stomach Over the counter pain relievers should be your go-to.


Hangover Cure At Home
Hangover Cure At Home

Chinese medicine works wonderfully in treating all kinds of medical problems. A red ginseng drink can reduce the effect of hangover symptoms significantly.

Since it’s a natural herb, it’s safe to use by everyone.

Vitamin B

Consuming foods with high vitamin B levels will make sure you don’t feel tired and weak. Eggs and turkey bacon are the best sources of vitamin B. Have them included in your breakfast the next morning for sure if you want to get rid of your hangover quickly.


Hangover Cure Home Remedies
Hangover Cure Home Remedies

This is the best natural remedy for a hangover for decades. It helps in digestion, therefore breaks down alcohol faster and reduces nausea. Fresh ginger or ginger tea is the best way to consume this fantastic remedy.

All these natural remedies work effectively in reducing the effects of a hangover, so what are you waiting for? Try them now!



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