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9 Natural Home Remedies for Dandruff

Dandruff Home Remedies
Dandruff Home Remedies

Dandruff is a condition that causes the skin of your scalp to dry up and create flakes. This is a very common condition for anyone of any age. Unfortunately, having flakes on your scalp can be embarrassing, but the good thing about dandruff is that it’s not contagious and does not have severe symptoms of any kind. The cause of dandruff is still unknown, but there are factors that trigger the condition. To be clear, dandruff is not caused by bad hygiene, but rather because of several factors like not brushing your hair after a shower.

The shampoo or conditioner you apply on your hair shall be rinsed thoroughly, or else it can accumulate on your scalp. After rinsing and drying your hair, you should also brush it from the roots to the tips. By doing this routine, you can easily prevent having dandruff flakes on your scalp. The risk factors of dandruff include skin conditions and the use of hair products that have negative side effects.

Have you ever been teased for having white flakes on your hair? if yes, then tell them it isn’t what they think it is. It’s not even contagious or harmful. Every time you take a shower and rinse it off with a towel, do you even brush your hair? other people’s perceptions on dandruff are wrong. You might have been asked if you took a shower, but as a matter of fact, you take showers regularly. It isn’t about bad hygiene or laziness, but because of other factors. Dandruff can take years, or for other cases with bad skin conditions, it’s inborn and difficult to treat. Dandruff isn’t harmless at all, but itching is its most common symptom that is hard to control when having this condition. A dry scalp causes it to itch frequently. Itching may be the most uncomfortable side effect.

Doctors and researchers believe that dandruff is caused due to several factors including eczema, dryness of the scalp, using the wrong shampoo and fungus leading to itchiness and white flakes. There are different types of dandruff and it is important to identify what type you have, to get the right and most effective treatment for it.

Dry Skin Dandruff

This is the most common type that usually occurs during the cold season like winter. This type is caused by taking hot baths or showers during the cold season, making the scalp dry and flaky.

The treatment for dry skin is through using a good moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. You can also regularly massage your scalp with oil to alleviate the itchiness. Avoid having your hair dyed, bleached, or permed since it might worsen the condition.

Oil Related Dandruff

This type is caused by an accumulation of sebum oil on the scalp. Sebum oil is secreted by the scalp glands. If you have this condition, it means your scalp glands are secreting more sebum oil and can cause clumps of dead skin cells, forming itchy flakes. It has been found that it is triggered by stress and anxiety.

Fungal Dandruff

The scalp contains a natural component called “Fungal Malassezia”. This can live on excessive oil on the scalp and will produce oleic acid that in turn produces clumped skin cells.

Disease-Related Dandruff

Skin conditions and diseases like psoriasis and eczema, creates excessive production of skin cells, leading to scaly skin on the scalp. Another disease is seborrheic dermatitis which is a serious condition that causes sores, redness, and an itchy scalp.

Even though dandruff is harmless, it can often interfere with your daily routines, especially when it causes severe itchiness on the scalp, or makes a sudden unwelcome appearance on clothes, affecting self-confidence.

Here are natural remedies for dandruff without buying expensive shampoos and scalp treatments.

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Aloe Vera

Natural Remedies For Dandruff
Natural Remedies For Dandruff

The aloe vera leaf has many uses and benefits especially skin conditions. This ingredient is mostly used for moisturizers, skin ointments, cosmetics, and lotions. Applying aloe vera on the skin helps moisturize, and treat burns, psoriasis, and also cold sores. According to one study, the antifungal and antibacterial properties of aloe vera can help protect against dandruff.

Even though this is known to treat many conditions, additional studies are still needed to look at how it can effectively treat dandruff. But since it is a mild ingredient, it won’t hurt to try this remedy on your scalp and see if this remedy works for you.

Tea Tree Oil

Dandruff Treatment At Home
Dandruff Treatment At Home

This is known to have powerful anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties which can help alleviate symptoms of dandruff.

Tea tree oil is effective in fighting a specific type of fungus that causes both dandruff and seborrheic dermatitis.

A study examined the effects of tea tree oil on dandruff by giving participants shampoo containing a small amount of tea tree oil.

The study found out that tea tree oil reduced the symptoms of dandruff such as itchiness and greasiness.

For people with sensitive skin, tea tree oil might irritate their scalp. It would be best to dilute a few drops of tea tree oil with a carrier like water or coconut oil before directly applying on your scalp.

Coconut Oil

Best Remedy For Dandruff
Best Remedy For Dandruff

This is well-known to have multiple benefits and is often used for hair treatments and natural remedies for dandruff.

A research found that coconut oil can help in treating eczema which can contribute to dandruff. Another study compared the effects of coconut oil and mineral oil on atopic dermatitis.

Coconut oil was found to effectively reduce symptoms of dandruff compared to mineral oil.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Natural Dandruff Treatment
Natural Dandruff Treatment

This has been known to help treat various conditions. The acidity from the apple cider vinegar is believed to help stimulate the shedding of dead skin cells on the scalp.

This is also said to balance the pH of the skin to reduce the growth of fungus which can help fight dandruff. If you want to try this remedy, just simply add a few tablespoons of ACV on your shampoo and try it on your hair.

Reduce stress levels

Stress and anxiety has been known to affect a person’s health and well-being. It can aggravate symptoms of dandruff such as itching and dryness.

Being stressed can weaken your immune system which reduces your body’s ability to fight off fungal infections and skin conditions.

As a matter of fact, a study tested on 82 people with seborrheic dermatitis, showed that the majority of their dermatitis is caused by a stressful life event. In order to reduce stress levels, you can try yoga, meditation, aromatherapy, and deep breathing.



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