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6 Natural Home Remedies For Dry Throat

Home Remedies For Dry Throat
Home Remedies For Dry Throat

A dry throat is a scratchy and rough sensation in the throat.

The most common causes for a dry throat is not drinking enough water, breathing through your mouth, exercising, sleeping with your mouth open, and just simply living in a dry environment with dry air.

There are also several causes that come with a dry throat such as straining the voice, tobacco and marijuana use, excessive coughing, throat inflammation, allergies and sometimes caused by cancers of the throat and esophagus.

This condition is a common symptom especially during the colder seasons like winter months when the air is dry and upper respiratory infections arise.

Having a dry throat is usually a sign of something minor and not necessarily alarming. This may happen either in the morning and night, or either of the two.

Some of the common symptoms of a dry throat are snoring, difficulty sleeping, breathing through the mouth, difficulty chewing and/or swallowing, and fragmented sleep.

Here are several symptoms of a dry throat with its associated causes:


A dry throat is a simple sign which means that you haven’t had enough fluids in your body. As a matter of fact, having low fluid intake leads to dehydration.

This is due to the fact that your body isn’t producing enough saliva which is essential in moistening the mouth and throat.

Additionally, dehydration can also cause dry mouth, fatigue, dizziness, increased thirst, and darker urine than its usual color.

In order to avoid experiencing dehydration, remember to always drink plenty and enough water or beverages for hydration.

Make sure to only consume fluids that offer hydration, such as water or a sports drink. Simply avoid caffeinated and carbonated drinks because it causes your body to lose water.

Sleeping with your mouth open

Have you ever woke up with a dry mouth? That might be because you sleep with your mouth open.

Since you sleep for an average of 8 hours, if you're sleeping while your mouth is open, it can definitely lead to a dry mouth and throat.

The air dries out the saliva during your sleep, and if done in long periods of time, will cause the throat to dry up too.

Breathing through your mouth can also cause bad breath, fatigue, and snoring — a condition wherein your breathing pauses over and over again.


This is a common infection that affects anyone of any age. And is caused by many different viruses. Having a cold can make your throat feel scratchy and rough.


This is an infection of the tonsils. The tonsils are two soft bumps on the back of your throat that helps sid your body in fighting infection.

Both a virus and bacteria can cause tonsillitis. Aside from a sore throat, symptoms of tonsillitis also include a fever, bad breath, hoarse voice, white patches on the tonsils, red swollen tonsils, and a headache.

Hay fever or allergies

People who have seasonal allergies have a higher chance to experience dry throats. Their immune system releases allergens called histamine whenever there is an allergic reaction.

Common allergic reactions are from dust, pollen, grass, mold, dust mites, pet hair, and certain foods.

Additionally, there are several natural remedies for a dry throat, and these are:

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Saltwater Gargle

Based on research and modern medicine, salt water gargles have been treating mild health issues.

Salt, based on research, locks out water and harmful pathogens from getting inside. Therefore, this makes salt water gargle essential for blocking viruses and bacteria inflammation in some health imbalances.

Turmeric Milk With Garlic

Natural Remedies For Dry Throat
Natural Remedies For Dry Throat

This has been used for centuries through ayurvedic medicine.

A book from Vasant Lad, named “Ayurvedic Home Remedies”, showed how turmeric milk can be beneficial for treating throat issues.

This spice can help treat throat infections and certain coughs. It starts with boiling garlic in a cup of milk, then adding ¼ teaspoon of turmeric.

Adding turmeric on your food can boost immunity and keep you protrcted from certain diseases. Just simply drink a glass of warm turmeric milk before going to sleep.

Chamomile Tea

Dry Throat Remedy At Home
Dry Throat Remedy At Home

Since chamomile is a good treatment for several conditions such as a sore throat, this means it can also help with a dry throat.

This has been a favorite for many tea lovers around the world because it’s not only very popular, but also one of the oldest known herbal remedies.

This is known to have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Thus, it can be helpful in reducing inflammation and generating tissue repair.

Drinking chamomile tea every morning or at night can help lubricate your throat to easily avoid hoarseness of the voice.

Licorice Tea

Throat Dryness Home Remedies
Throat Dryness Home Remedies

This helps reduce phlegm and can soothe a dry or sore throat. This has been used for several centuries ago and it’s one of the most effective and popular herbal remedies out there.

Even though licorice is a healthy drink, it actually tastes pretty good as it has a natural bittersweet flavor.

Although it is highly effective, medical professionals do not recommend drinking more than 3 cups of licorice tea a day.

You may get this in your local grocery store or herbal shops.

Green Tea

Home Remedy For Dry Throat
Home Remedy For Dry Throat

This is also one of the most popular and mainstream types of tea and can be seen in cafes, groceries, or herbal shops.

This tea was popularized because of its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, great for treating pain and swelling.

According to a study in Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine, green tea has been found that when gargling, can help ward off sore throat symptoms in postoperative patients.

You can simply visit your nearest cafe and let them brew up some nice warm green tea.

Lifestyle Changes

As it is said that one of the most common causes of a dry throat is sleeping with your mouth open.

Well, in order to avoid this, you must practice proper sleeping positions and closing your mouth when you sleep.

Additionally, simply avoiding those things that can trigger your throat is the best way to fully moisten and lubricate your throat.



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